Saturday, June 8, 2013

Coconut Milk and Fish

I have plenty of fresh water fish in our freezer. Hubby and I enjoys fishing and we keep the fish that we caught. Sometimes we caught a bunch sometimes we caught a few but we always bring home fish every weekend thus I have a large stash in our freezer.

I decided to cook some fish with coconut milk and vinegar. It turned out so good. I added some okra on the top to make it a more filling dish.

It was very delicious.


Rcel said...

Waaaaaaaaaa! Tua na nagkutoy na akong tiyan kaadlawong daku! Ka-sarap ani tan-awon! Akoa na ng tanan okra bi! Kuk.

Nice na ba kay fresh jud nga fished. Mas lami pa jud unta to ug sa ocean gikan no? :D

BPC hop!

Jessica Cassidy said...

I bet it is very delicioussssssssssssssssssssssssss Mommy L :-) I am jealous because all I got is a peak of our fish from the pond :-) Coconut milk and okra with fish...forget about the diet :-)


emzkie said...

oh my gulay! sooo yummy! kalami ani mommy oi! ako dili kabalo muluto ug fish. prito lang ang nahibal-an. hehehe

late BPC hop!

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