Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life in our Little Town

Life in our little town where I grew up is pretty laid back. There is not much of excitement but we were content of what we had. I actually long to experience the same now that I am living in the city. I remember the early dusk when my dad will play the guitar at our porch while my mom and some of the girls are preparing our supper. It was a common sight to see my dad relaxing in his favorite rocking chair after a long day of work holding and playing his guitar while Mom is getting the supper ready. Some times, the kids are busy in the nearby living room doing homeworks. Oh, what a simple life.

Now, it made me think that sometimes dad will play his guitar with missing strings. We can only buy strings at certain stores which was far from our place. Unlike today, anyone can order cleartone strings at guitar center and have it handy whenever it is needed. This is just one of the things that I wish dad has access to.

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