Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: Stubb's Legendary BBQ

Stubb's Background:
Stubb's Legendary Bar-B-Q all started in 1968 when C.B. Stubblefield, "Stubb," started his first restaurant in Lubbock, Texas. Over the course of his life, Stubb perfected the art of barbecue, including making the sauces, marinades and rubs that today bring legendary Texas flavor to homes everywhere.

Have you ever tried using Stubb's Legendary Bar-B-Q products? If your answer is no, then it is time to head out and go to your nearest grocery store and grab a few. They are very good and I am highly recommending it.

Hubby loves anything that has bar-b-q taste that is why I have discovered some easy fixes to satisfy his love for bar-b-q. I have learned to use b-b-q sauces in many of my cooking.

Why I choose Stubb's? Simply because Stubb's line of sauces, marinades and rubs are all natural, gluten free, and contain no high fructose corn syrup. They are made from finest natural ingredients.

Anyway, I made Baked BBQ Porkchops (photo above) for dinner last night and hubby enjoyed it and was all praises. So, are you ready to try Stubb's Products? Here's what they got...

Stubb's Sauces:
Original; Spicy; Sweet Heat; Hickory Bourbon; Smokey Mesquite; Honey Pecan

Chicken Marinade; Beef Marinade; Pork Marinade; Chipotle Butter Injectable; Texas Butter Injectable; Texas Steakhouse

Bar-B-Q Spice Rub; Beef Spice Rub; Steak Spice Rub; Chicken Spice Rub; Pork Spice Rub; Rosemary-Ginger Spice Rub; Burger Spice Rub; Herbal-Mustard Spice Rub

Other Products:
Moppin' Sauce; Original Wing Sauce; Hickory Liquid Smoke; Mesquite Liquid Smoke

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Complementary products were given to me for this product review.


Author said...

WOuld to try. It looks sensational. Besides we can never go wrong with BBQ sauces. And especially Texan one. I drool over Texan BBQ's and sauces. They're the best.

Viet Nam said...

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Jerla Oh lalala said...

Oh my! i'm drooling right now. I am hoping that i will get this too. husband loves bbq sauce and this would be a great gift for him.

Emzkie said...

that bbq sauce sounds so yummy! i would love to try them. we usually used the baby Ray bbq sauce coz its sweet and tangy. knowing about this other sauce, i will look for it in the store.

wifetoalineman02 said...

We love to eat bbq Momi Lulu and this sauce looks so tasty :-) I will check it out in our local grocery and cannot wait to try it :-)

momgen said...

Wow that looks yummy BBQ. But hubby do not want me to pitch food companies wahhh..


Bless said...

Love this too. I tried using this before. We love to try different marinades and sauces too. Good thing here there are lots of variety :-)

Mald|taH said...

That looks delightfully yummy! Just made me wanna bbq also! I missed it! Normally my bbq marinades are as simple as soy sauce, oyster sauce, mang tomas and sugar. :).. imma look for Texan BBQs and sauces for a change :). Thanks for the tips sis.

analou said...

Looks very delicious. Are they expensive mommy Lu? My husband loves putting barbecue sauces not only in b-b-q chicken or beef but also when he ate burgers.

sir rob said...

It's the first time that I heard this one and even though I am always sticking to what I already like, this made me curious though to try it out.

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