Monday, August 13, 2012

Back Up All Your Files

When we moved a few weeks ago, I made sure that I have placed everything in order. I took time in sorting out the most important things to bring to the new house. As for the files in my laptop, I made sure that I had a Disk backup to ensure that my files won’t get damaged in case there is a need to change new servers or Internet service provider, and if and only if they get broken, they can still be retrieved and restored. Even if we take extra care, we never know that unpleasant circumstances may strike anytime. So to be sure and to keep all my online stuff and important files safe, I did back up. What is a few hours of backing up or even a small amount to store my data to a stressful situation when files are damaged and there is no way it can be restored again. I don’t want to be sorry in the end, so it was really a good decision to have all my files safe.

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