Friday, June 10, 2011

Wedding Rehearsal

The big wedding will be on June 18 and the wedding rehearsal will be tomorrow. Finally, a good friend of mine is tying the knot. We are all excited for her because if somebody deserves to be happy, she is one of them. My friend is among the best. She is always there for everybody, willing to lend a hand and the likes. My family and all our friends are happy that she finally is able to marry the man she loves.

Anyway, the wedding has a huge entourage. There will be more than 20 bridesmaids and a couple of maids of honor. I was asked if I wanted to be one of the bridesmaids but I politely declined. Now some of my friends are all set. They already got their bridesmaid dresses.

Few weeks ago I accompany some of them. We were looking for junior bridesmaid dresses in lavender and yellow. Bridesmaids can wear either of the two colors. We were hoping we can find some cheap prom dresses that can also be considered as bridesmaid dresses but since the school already ended the store doesn't sell a lot of prom dresses anymore. Anyhow, we were glad that we went to a bridal store and we found some dresses that were really nice and affordable.

Everybody is excited for the wedding rehearsal tomorrow and of course we can't wait to witness the actual wedding.

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