Friday, June 10, 2011

Car Parts

Don’t you just hate it when you know there’s something wrong with the car but still deep inside you try to deny it? Most of the times, we just keep on wishing that it is just our imagination or perhaps it is nothing serious. Well, I’ve been hearing some teeny clicking clanging sound in our car and I’m hoping they’re just rocks or a pile of mud stuck somewhere. I really hate to deal with another costly repair.

I really hate it when the car breaks down because it’s our family transport. Aside from that, I’ve just spent a sizable amount for my little girl’s dental needs that I might find it hard to find some budget to buy some OEM Car Parts for our car. If only money grows on trees, I won't have problems.

Granted that my husband sometimes fix the car himself, which actually saves us a lot, buying OEM Auto Parts may prove to be a challenge this time. I hope if there’s something wrong with our car (knock on wood), it could give us a bit of an allowance, maybe next month, before we would need to repair it. By then I’m sure I can allocate the right budget for it.

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