Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don’t Go Overboard, Spend Wisely

Opening and applying for a credit card may be one of the last resorts to do when faced with a financial crisis. Somehow, having a credit card may save you from debts and other financial burdens. I have thought about this a million times if I am going to do credit card transfers so that in case I get burdened with one card, I can easily transfer balance. I’ve done some research and I’ve learned that having credit card balance transfer may actually help me save some money. How? Because once the transfer is done to a new credit card company, they will often provide a grace period wherein they charge lesser on the transferred balance. Some companies offer a balance transfer calculator as a tool to help their clients see the differences and how much money they can save.

I have now realized that it is really not easy when people go overboard in spending or using credit cards, especially for those moms who do the budgeting. True to its purpose, these credit card companies lure consumers but it is still up to the consumer to spend their hard-earned money wisely and avoiding financial and credit card debts. I just hope and I am trying my best that I will not get into that situation where I am financially stuck and would have a hard time getting out of debts.

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