Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pests in the House

A friend of mine back home just had a house renovation and she shared to me that doing so was not easy. When carpenters and workers started demolishing the walls, they were aghast at what they saw; their walls were literally taken up by bugs! All these years, they have been living together with pesky pests. They had to tear down whole walls just to get rid of those bugs. If only they were here, they could call a Las Vegas Exterminator to do the job for them. So as a precautionary measure, one of the supervisor of the housework suggested that they also spray like pesticides or insecticides on the soil where the new house will be founded as pest control. Without any hesitation, my friend called on a Commercial Pest Control company to facilitate the work. She knew that it would really benefit them a lot.

When the service company arrived at the area, they were given some information on Bug Facts and other materials so that they will know what to do in case bugs still pester them. It was an additional expense but the advantages are worth their investment. Now that I have plans of going home for a vacation, I can’t wait to see the newly-renovated house.

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