Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yummy Sunday... Sushi (California Rolls)

This is my first entry for Yummy Sunday. It is a little bit late, sorry for that!

I just have a new addiction! Sushi!

When hubby brought me to the Asian store, I saw their sign that they are selling fresh sushi. When I look at their menu, their price was really cheap!

I decided to order two orders of sushi, One giant california rolls and one mini california rolls. Would you believe that I just paid less than $10 for all of these? This is really fresh as they made it in front of me!

I know what I want for my birthday! I am coming back to order more sushi!


Emily's Snapshots said...

The sushi looks good!! I am now your follower!

Cookie said...

yummy sushi indeed! followed you na rin, sis! marie yung naka register ;-) Happy YS!

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GAGAY said...

thanks for dropping by at my site mommy lulu!!! yummy sushi here,indeed!! il follow you now! :D

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a woman's right to shoes said...

I treid California Rolls for the first time in like a month ago, and I really liked it. I honestly never thought I would, but I might eat it later too =)

kat said...

yay...murag lami kaayo dah! hehe

teJan said...

agoy di jud ko maibog basta sushi bisag unsa kalami tan-awn..hehe!

Pblacksaw said...

I have never had sushi.. yours does look yummy though.. I am now following you.. thanks for following me! Have a great Day!

cherry said...

there are times i crave sushi but i'm actually not so fond of them. i only eat california maki. =)

thanks for the visit=)

Genejosh said...

fave ko yong sushi sis...usually served as snacks dito sa canteen..:)

thanks for visiting Tasty Exploration.

Bogie said...

Welcome to Yummy Sunday :) That sushi looks yum!

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