Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dallas Homes

Sometimes it’s fun to think about moving to a state with more sunny weather, like Texas. My friend in Dallas says they barely got snow during the past months (compared to other states) and it’s almost always sunny! I think this is a good reason why moving to Dallas is an option.

At times, when I’m online, I love to pretend to think that we’re moving. Since this time I’m (hypothetically) thinking of moving to Texas, I searched for Dallas Homes for sale. I love looking at the pictures and just look at houses with such lush greenery.

These Dallas homes for sale come at varying prices but I’m not at all concerned, after all, this house-hunting moving thing is just hypothetical right? I’m sure there are lots more to choose from Dallas Real Estate listings and it’s intriguing how houses can look so different from each other but all look so grand and magnificent.

Oh well… back to reality. Don’t worry Alabama, I still love you. Have a great weekend!

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