Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Move to Detroit?

Detroit is a city with a rich mix of people from various ethnic backgrounds, including citizens of Italian, English, German, Polish, Irish, Mexican, Middle Eastern, African, and Greek descent. I think moving to a place with different ethnic backgrounds will be a plus factor for me since I am of Asian descent.

Detroit is an interesting place to live. It is known for its Motown music sound. The entertainment and performing arts of the city is very alive. When it comes to sports, Detroit is home to professional sports like basketball, football, baseball and hockey. If you are a big fan of sports, you can have access and can watch these games live and in their own home field.

The city of Detroit has online services that provide residents with a helpful and handy way to answer many questions about City services, activities, events, and programs in Detroit, from trash collection, street light problems and immunizations, to seasonal activities, senior services, and community involvement. Their online services surely helps the heart and soul of Detroit - its residents.

So are you convince that Detroit is a wonderful place? If you are, you can look for Detroit real estate to start with your move. The prices of Detroit real estate ranges from median range to high depending on the place you want to live. Nevertheless, the price of the real estate is worth it because for me, Detroit is just a wonderful place.

As I am interested to move to Detroit, I found some facts that are really amazing and fascinating to me. Detroit is home to the world's only floating post office, the J.W. Westcott II, can be found on the Detroit River. It is the is the potato chip capital of the world, based on consumption and it has the most registered bowlers in the United States.

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