Monday, January 11, 2010

Brown Rice

I am trying to eat healthy that is why I am now eating brown rice. Surprisingly, brown rice for me taste better than the white. I like the fact that you can feel rice grain when you eat it. The only problem I am facing right now, Andrea does not like the brown rice. She will just sip/suck the rice and it will just stay in her mouth. I hope she can adjust to the brown rice if not, I don't have a choice but to cook two different rice.

Anyway, I want to share with you the health benefits of brown rice...
Health Benefits of Brown Rice :

1. Provides all necessary carbohydrates requirements.
2. Rich in fibers.
3. Helps control blood sugar.
4. Helps control cholesterol.
5. It is a body building food.
6. Beneficial for stomach and intestinal ulcers and for diarrhea. It is easily digested starch food.
7. Because of the mineral content, it supplies important nutrient for the hair, teeth, nails, muscles and bones.


analou said...

I like white rice more than the brown rice but as what you said my friend it is healthier. My hubby often buy brown rice because he is into diet ever since I met him. Sometimes if I am out of my white rice I will still ate the brown rice. This is indeed good to people who are into healthy foods.

Anne said...

mi, padalhi ko ug ani nga rice kay lami kaau ni bisan tunlo lang sa asin... pasensya na akong comment bisaya gihapon heheheh!

klivengood said...

waaa...whatever benefits it has...i don't like brown rice....

teJan said...

mao ba di man gud ko nahan sa iya lami oi! heheh. sa white pa rin ako but hmm..naa jud koy friend diri nga pinay nga brown jud sya even mgparty sya brown rice jud iya idalit..kaya mapigos ko ana kaon..hahhah!

good day!

Mama Ko said...

Na akong mga kaalyados mamilu dili mangaon ugrice, ma borwn ug ma white bisag and 2 ka kutsara nga rice dili pa jud kahurot waaaa. mga gali lol.

Clarissa said...

Maraming kumakain ng brown rice dito sa Japan for dieting,mahal yan dito.

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