Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As my good friend Dhemz and her family are on vacation to the Philippines right now, I can't help but wish that I am in the Philippines too, enjoying the filipino foods that I missed.

I admit, when I see this picture in my brother's facebook, I was drooling. Anchovies (bulinaw) is not my first choice when it comes to "kinilaw" but right now, I will happily dig in to this.

The kalamansi alone makes me salivate...

Anyway, one of my favorite kinilaw is the "tangigue"


chubskulit said...

pati ako naglalaway na hahahaha.. sarap nyan!

shydub said...

Aguy naara ang kinilaw ni lulu, maayo kadiha oi kay makakilaw mn ka ug fresh nga isda.

Akong lamian nga kinilaw kanang blue marlin ba kaha tawag ana, kanang puro

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