Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who Want to Watch Pacquiao vs Mayweather Fight?

I am really excited to that the fight between Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather is already set. It will be on March 13, 2010 at MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be the biggest fight of Manny's career and this promises to be the biggest money at stake. I read somewhere that it would be like $50million dollars fight!

Besides the money that both boxers will get, this will be a chance for Manny to hold a record that nobody ever held if he will win the fight (winning different championship belt in 8 different weight category). This is really an exciting fight to watch.

Manny Paquiao boxing tickets are already out now. You need to hurry and purchase your ticket if you want to see the fight live because I am sure that these tickets will be sold fast. My friends in Las Vegas already bought theirs at As for me, I will just watch it at the Pay Per View Channel because Las Vegas is far away from me. On the scheduled Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight, I know that "Pacman" will beat "Money".

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