Thursday, December 24, 2009

Red Pomelo

When we went grocery shopping the other day, I saw a red pomelo in the fruit aisle. I was excited and surprise to see it so, I decided to buy one to try it. Well, Andrea loves it! I am just so glad that my daughter loves most fruit.

Back at home in Philippines, pomelo is very common in the neighborhood. Although we don't have a pomelo tree, our neighbor has a few so when we wanted one, all we need to do is ask for it.

There are three varieties of pomelo: white, pink and red. Not surprisingly, the pink and red varieties are sweeter than the white which has a slightly acidic taste.

It has a very thick peel and yellow, pink or red pulp. The pomelo, also known as the shaddock, is often confused with the grapefruit. It is sweeter and much less acidic than regular grapefruit.

The pomelo is an excellent source of vitamin C but provides little energy. It also contains potassium and folic acid. The nutritional value varies according to the colour.


Jac said...

Ikaw talaga mommy Lulu na nga~ngasim ako ngayun wink! fave ko yan lalo na yung sa Davao binili. Lagi kaming binibigyan ng best friend ko na tiga Davao ng red pomelo...Yum Yum.

Anne said...

Paborito naki ni, isawsaw sa sukang "pinakurat" pastilan magputi ang wa-it sa kakasawsaw..hehehe!

Mama Ko said...

Wow my fave, tasty and red kaayo siya lulu.

Dhemz said...

agoy nangaslom akong baba...ehhehe..sos daghan ni sa among luyo mami...d lang ko ganahan..mas lami man jud tong sa atoa...ehhehe!

kumusta naman ka diha...agi lang ko dire kadali kay nag labadami ko...:)

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