Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wonderful Clock!

I remember the first time I set foot on my mother-in-law's lovely abode. They picked me up from the airport and then brought to their place while waiting for Dave to get off work. I was so impressed with their house. I thought, it was like a hotel. Well, It was far different from different houses that I have been to in the Philippines. After we pass the big porch, we enter the room and on its right side going to the living room was a beautiful grandfather clock. It was really eye catching especially that it was placed where you can see it right away when you open the main door. I was so fascinated with their place. That was the first American home that I have seen so, I have the reason to be fascinated.

After I freshen up and after I get settled, they give me a tour inside the whole house. I noticed that in their living room lies a mantel clock that looks very stylish and it fits the style of the living room. After the tour, we settled in the bar area in the kitchen. They really made me feel at home at that time. Since then, their house has become a second home to me.

Looking back, I wonder if the grandfather clock that I saw at Mom's is one of the famous Howard Miller Grandfather Clock. If it is, can you imagine the history in that piece of clock?

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