Wednesday, July 29, 2009

IsThe Fish Fresh?

Buying prepackage fish is hard to determine whether it is really fresh or not. Unlike in the Philippine markets where fish are sold, a customer can hold, smell, touch and checked the fish gills. It is really difficult to smell the fish here because they are placed in a container with plastic covering it.

So how to determine if the fish is fresh:
(Note: I found this tips here)

Fresh salmon fillet should have:
  • Consistent red color - when it starts going bad, it will have a blotchy surface.
  • Shiny and dry surface - when it starts going bad, it gets a slimy greyish coating.
  • Fresh odor - it can also smell like melon or cucumber. If it's bad, it will smell rotten, like a sour dishcloth.

Fresh cod fillet should have:
  • An even, light surface -the fish is bad if it has yellow spots and transparent parts on the surface.
  • Shiny and dry surface - bad fish has a coating of slime on the surface.
  • Fresh odor - sea-fresh, or neutral to weak odour. The fish is starting to go bad if it has a sharp, strong odor.


kittykat said...

Ngeks..sis ako di marunong pumili ng isda..basta maganda tingnan pwede na..i don't even touch the fish or check the inside..hehehe..dapat pala magpractice na ako..thanks for these tips least now i have an idea what to look to know if its fresh or not..

Arlyna said...

I love these useful tips Lu. I'm a big fish eater and sometimes I just depend on the fish seller. I love salmon :)

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