Wednesday, July 29, 2009

World Class Orchestra

For a composer, it is an ultimate goal to have a composition that will be sung by a world class orchestra. This goal seems to be unattainable because hiring an orchestra to sing your masterpiece requires a lot of money and connection. You need connection to make sure that you can get the best orchestra which of course will cost you a lot of money.

The closest a composer can get for his piece to be sung by an orchestra is to hire the services of Ravel Virtual Studios. They can provide you with the best tools and sound libraries in order to offer you with world class sound quality. They will use their complicated technical wizardry to perform your piece and if you are not satisfied with the result they will gladly make revisions until you will get what you want.

Ravel Virtual Studios' composition performance services is now a great education resource which impacts the teaching of composition and orchestration.

1 comment:

shydub said...

Naglibog jd akong kunot ug sinuwat ani unggoya lulu hehehe, walay idea ni sulod intawn, nagmantika ang utok. very well said inahan.

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