Friday, July 17, 2009

Food Trip Friday # 2


For a Filipino who has no easy access to Filipino foods everyday, it is always a TREAT when somebody offers you a filipino delicacy.

I was happy to have eaten as much empanada as I can (take note: with take home) when one of my friends cook this. This empanada was baked and not fried so at least it was healthier.

From Wikipedia:
Filipino empanadas usually contain ground beef or chicken meat, potato, chopped onion, and raisins (somewhat similar to the Cuban "picadillo") in a sweetish wheat flour dough. Some Filipinos are not partial to the sweetish flavour notes and prefer empanadas that are closer to the Hispanic versions. There are doughy baked versions, as well as flaky fried versions. Often, to lower costs, potatoes are added as a filler, and olives-- relatively expensive in the Philippines—are omitted.

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Meikah said...

It's one of my faves, too. But I only eat those that are not too oily! ;)

Cacai M. said...

woizzt empanada na pod.. heheh.. tagae ko beh!

saona Momi dli ko ganahan ani labi ni i-fry until after graduate ko college nahan nko.. maybe our taste change? heheh.. I don't care basta ky padad-i ko danhi beh baylo ta sa buko salad nko.. heheh.. muahh!

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Koreik,,,,,hehehhe pagkalami aning empenada oi, mom used to cook empenada for us

Dhemz said...

nyahhaha...naka BH paman jud diay...kuyawa ni nga bisita...joke!

Pacey said...

Oh so yummy, looks so empanadas too.

☆♥ ☆Willa☆♥ ☆ said...

ako rin, whenever there's a Pinoy gatherings, I always take my time eating pinoy food. kaka miss kasi eh. :)

Jay - agent112778 said...

wow masarap yan laolo na yung pork or yung shrimp or yung chicken ay, lhat masarap!!!!

my entry is here

Great day for us Food Weekenders:)

Thanx for the Visit :)

Genejosh said...

i miss empanada...walang empanada dito eh..he..he..

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Her and History
Tasty Exploration

shydub said...

Mami lulu murag daghan ra kaayo imu empanada dha, panghatag daw, maluoy ka sa buntit hehehehe. Tagaan tika ug blue nga rose in exchange of your empanada, ako tinaon ug blue for you lol

dddiva said...

These look really good- I might have to see if I can find or make some.

Sunshine4Life said...

Hi Mommy Lu, you are right the baked ones are healthier choice than the fried ones. I wonder who would not like to eat empanada. hehehe

Opss -- bisaya pud diay ka? Cacai is speaking bisaya to you lagi.

Uy naay saging sa akong blog! Wanna have some?


vhingF said...

wow! sarap !! sana meron d2 para bibili ako pamba-on nmin sa trip...ala nyan d2 eh.

thanks sa pagbisita lagi , grabe kakapuy man but happy always.Kaya need ko rest maaga today for tomorrows appointment sa general consultant ng old ko and it's a long drive to go.

hope tuesday or wednesday ma-upload ko na all pictures sa trip namin. I have here some at

Enchie said...

wow, i like it baked. perfect for all ocassions. hindi hassle magisip na hindi puwede sumobra ang kain :D

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