Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beef in Oyster Sauce

I admit this is one of the best dish that I ever discovered. Sometimes, I just wanna experiment on dishes. I have known that beef and oyster sauce are really a perfect match. So, I tried to spice it up so I ended up this dish. It was really surprising how good it was. This is very easy so perhaps you would try this dish.

Beef (cut thinly in bite size)
green bell pepper
cooking wine
garlic powder
oyster sauce
cooking oil

  • Marinade beef in cooking wine and oyster sauce seasoned with garlic powder and pepper for at least an hour. (The longer the better)
  • Sautee onion and add marinaded beef. Add a little water to cook the beef fully.
  • Add carrots and mushroom. Cook for two minutes.
  • Add green pepper and cook for one minute
  • Serve immediately because if you let the dish stay in the hot pan it will overcook the veggies.

Tip: Be sure not to overcook the vegetables. Veggies are sweeter when it is not well cooked.


shydub said...

Dili jud ni ma wad an ug lamiang sud an si mami lulu sa iya kusina da, no wonder pilit kaayo si fafa dave kay maayo mn mo luto. ako hapit nku iuli sa akong bana, kay walay nahibaw an kaon ra waaaaaa. gasto sge order out lol. pwedi makigsilingan nimu lulu ky mangayo ko sud an. daghanon nku luto ug rice hehehehe

Nanaybelen said...

Lulu, looks good and yummy! Ito ang gusto kung luto , simple lang at madaling hanapin dito sa pinas ang ingredients.
Thanks for sharing.

klivengood said...

Naa bahaw diha Lu, kay diha ko mukaon karon..lami ng imong gi-andam sa amoa dah!...hehhe

MommaWannabe said...

Mmmm looks try nga ito minsan:)

Momma Wannabe
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Dhemz said...

agoy kalami ba aning imong putahi mami Lu....napay salin salin diha?

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