Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chicken Barbeque in Oyster Sauce

Kat of Mom's Place, blogged about this recipe. When, I saw it, I know I have to try it for myself. Thankfully, I have all the ingredients in my kitchen to make this recipe. I made some little variations though. Check Kat's recipe here.

This recipe is different but I like it. Dave also like this, he ate his share. Dave and I agreed from the start that we should tell each other if we don't like the food. If Dave does not like what I cook, he tells me and I don't mind at all. This is part of our married life, adjusting to different things especially the food. Since we came from two different culture, obviously are food preferences are different.

Anyway, here's my version of Chicken Barbeque in Oystster Sauce:

Skinless chicken thighs

oyster sauce
spring onion (chopped)
garlic powder
black pepper
ginger (grated)
sesame seeds
sesame oil

  • Mix all the ingredients for marinade. Add chicken.
  • Marinade overnight

  • Baked in 350F for 1hour
  • Serve


shydub said...

Sus lulu bilibjd ko sa imung talent when it comes to cooking. Kakugihan ninyo mangluto oi. Ako kaon ra mn jd maayo ko intawn. wala koy pasensya to look for different ingredients, labaw sd akong bana, perti sd tapulan mangita sa mga ingredients kung mag grocery. Tamili mani akong bana sd when it comes to food, mura mo stick ra sa pagkaon nga approved sa iya palette ug naandan. but that chicken bbq, im sure it will looks and tsate darn good, i saw that too at Kat's blog.
Magtigum sa ko mga ingredients for that then im gonna try, daghan na kaayo ko suwayan lutoon gikan dri imu kusina ug kusina ni cecile, pun an sd kusina ni dhemz, suya ko ninyo da hehehehe

Dhemz said...

woi kalami ani Mami Lu...thanks for sharing...gutom nuon ko dah...will try this...wala man ko toyo...hehehe!

Genejosh said...

wow..gonna try it..thanks for sharing..

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Dorothy L said...

Sweet...I am going to pass this recipe onto my girlfriend as she loves cooking and she loves oysters!

Thanks so much!

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