Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I decided to cook pansit. I remember how good the pansit especially when you squeezed a bit of kalamansi in it. Too bad though, there is no kalamansi here. Although there is lemon and lime, still kalamansi is incomparable when it comes to pansit.

pork (slice in small strips, i use pork with fats in it)
carrot sticks
green beans
soy sauce
chicken broth


1. Soak the sotanghon in a lukewarm water. Drain and reserve.

2. Cook pork until brown and the lard comes out (Remove extra lard if there is more than enough).

3. Put the pork at the side of the skillet and sautee garlic and onion. Mix it with the pork and season with soy sauce and pepper. Add green beans and chicken broth and cook until almost ready. Add carrots and cook until ready. Remove the vegetable - pork mixture. Leave the sauce. Set aside. Add the sotanghon and cook it with the remaining sauce. When sotanghon is ready, return the vegetables and mixed well. Add more pepper if necessary.


Dhemz said...

woi kalami ani..napay nabilin dha? midnight snack unta nako...hehehhe! kani kay daghan karne...hehhehe!

woi is this pansit or sotanghon...hehhe...:)

SEDONA said...

Delicious,Yummy Yummy.

Anonymous said...

naku lagi ako gumagawa nito minsan yan na din ulam namin

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