Saturday, November 1, 2008

Atsal Puso ( Salad Banana Blossom)

In the Philippines, we have a lot of banana trees all around our house. Banana plants are very common in our place. Banana has a lot of uses, we eat its blossom. We can cook the fruit either ripe or raw. Some other parts are also very useful in different ways.

I remember, when the times was so hard, when Mom would go to some of our neighbors and ask if she could have their banana blossoms. I know it has been hard with my parents having to raise a big family.

Somehow, I grew up eating what is available that is for free. One of those is the atsal puso. I haven't been home for a while, and afterall those times, wishing I could eat meat or better fish, now that I can eat those, I am wishing to eat more local foods that I am used to. Oh well...

Anyway here's my salad banana blossom

1 can banana blossom
1 small can coconut milk
1pc lemon
ginger, cut in small cubes
onion, cut in cubes
tomato, cut in cubes
black pepper

Mix all the spices (ginger, onion, tomato, salt, black pepper). Add coconut milk. Mix well. Set aside. Heat the banana blossom over medium heat in the top stove. Drain. Mix it to the coconut mixture. Serve.

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