Thursday, May 16, 2013

Me Time

Being a mother is no easy job. Top it for being a housemaker, you absolutely have a full-time job and the pay is immaterial. I am not complaining at my job but I believe in having a "me time" to recharge.

There are many ways to spend your "me time". For me, I enjoyed it through reading or good long baths and even long hot showers. Thankfully, I love our bathroom because it is spacious and has modern bathroom vanity. I can do my nails in our bathroom. I can experiment on my hair through hair colors and other hairstyles. Having a good bathroom vanity is a luxury I truly enjoy.

I am also glad that we have double bathroom vanity as it is easier for me and my daughter to do some oral hygiene practices. We stand in each vanity and she copies what I do and I can see her through the mirror, if she is doing good or what.

The little things in life that we have makes a difference.

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