Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Considering Insulated Concrete Forms for the Kitchen Walls or Floors

One of the things to consider in planning or purchasing a house is the materials used to build. Homes must have efficient insulation systems to protect our families from severe weather conditions like heat wave and sudden increase in temperatures. One of the best insulation concrete forms or ICF available is from Durisol. These are environment-friendly, non-combustible, insect-proof and sound absorptive concrete forms made from recycled waste wood bonded with standard Portland cement. Durisol is the website where clients can learn more about these insulated concrete forms. Durisol has been in this business for the past 70 years and they have developed and successfully introduced numerous products such as stay-in-place concrete wall framework, stay-in-place concrete floor framework, pre-fabricated wall systems, roof plank systems, earth-retaining panels and many more.

As the queen of the kitchen and the one who prepares for the family meals, I want something like this for my haven. It won’t bring any harm or emit poisonous toxins that are health hazards.

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