Saturday, July 28, 2012

Food for the Creative Minds

I wonder how to feed a group of people who have always been creative in so many ways. I've been thinking that maybe, just to feed creative people, chefs or even plain housewives should be just as creative as they are. I am sure the creativeness of The Cake Boss or The Candy Queen will come in handy when we give food or when we cater for creative people like Palm Beach Architects who design the really interesting building in the area.

So how would it be then? If Candy Queen will deal with this project, I am sure there will be lots of Palm Trees, and beaches as there are lots in Palm Beach. Then there would be some figures that may represent people enjoying the beach scene, some buildings near the beach area and some lifeguards. That could be really interesting. Then of course, there would be some sea shells, birds, waves, and whatever that can be connected with the scene. On the contrary, The Cake Boss may just go personal as to what could represent the group as a whole, and build on that design.

I just love watching food shows that show creativity to the eleventh power. Imagining the creative design come alive is one thing. Imagining how they taste is another.

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