Monday, May 28, 2012

Sales for Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. And it looks like half of the American populace was at the mall today. The parking lot was full and so does the food court. I was hunting for good sales. I didn't do my usual clothes shopping instead, I went to shop for things that I can use at home. I was looking for placemats teal vinyl that I can use for our patio dining table. While I was at the store that sells home stuff, I found some other kitchen gadgets.

All the stores in the mall has "Memorial Day Sale" sign on. Most people were holding plastic bags and shopping bags of their favorite brands. I wanted to buy a rolling backpack have pet symbol on it so that I can include in the balikbayan box that I am sending for my family at home. School classes will start June in the Philippines and I am sure my niece would love to have it.

Anyway, I have found out that Memorial Day is a great day to go shopping because of their sales and clearance items. I am sure that even if you want to buy a d2moto pegs for yamaha tw200 you can get a discount.

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