Thursday, March 15, 2012

Silver Bars

For many years, stock investments had been profitable. But for the past few years, stocks have gone down and many people have lost money. It makes me ask the question: Is there a safe investment nowadays that our economic situation is unstable? Someone told me that Gold and Silver are safe investments.

I have heard about gold bullion, gold coins, gold bars and such. I also heard about silver but I am not familiar with this kind of investments. Somebody suggested that if I will invest in silver, I can buy silver bars from Golden Eagle. I am not sure if I really would like to invest these days as there is no guarantee if our economic situation will improve.

1 comment:

Happiness said...

We sold our two silver bars more than a year ago. I never thought that those bars I saw in our closet are real silvers. No wonder they were so heavy.

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