Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Kitchen Queen, That’s What I am

When I was still single, I was a princess. I did not do household chores for somebody would always do it for me. But now that I am married and I have a family to attend to, I became a queen. The kitchen is my throne and though I have no servants to do everything for me, I am happy to serve my family. I love to prepare and cook for my husband and my daughter. That’s why I make sure that my kitchen is stocked with all the supplies that I need. I also ensure that kitchen utensils are within reach and handy all the time like pots and pans, griddles, knives, measuring cups and many more. I also have a spyderco knife in case my knives go dull.

Sometimes, when I host parties or small gatherings, I would ask my hubby to lend a hand and I find it cumbersome when he uses a boker knife to slice vegetables or fruits. He knows that I have sets of knives that are specifically made for a certain way of slicing, but you see, there are times when he feels like using another knife like a gerber knife. Well, actually I wouldn’t mind at all, as long as he gets things done and that we are able to serve our guests and friends. Cooking and baking too has also become a way of bonding for me and my little daughter. So the kitchen indeed is a place where I can be myself and learn and practice my cooking and culinary skills.

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