Saturday, October 15, 2011

Toilet Problems

In one of the groups in Facebook that I belong to, we would discuss just about anything. The group that I frequent the most is the mommy blogger group where our dialect is common amongst us. The other day, there was a discussion about clogged toilet bowls caused by children playing with paper towels. One of the mommies said that her daughter screamed so loud when she saw that water was running furiously wild inside the bathroom and that the bath rugs were already soaking wet. The mommy friend said she had given all her might to unclog the toilet bowl, but to no avail. So she finally decided to call it a night and have her hubby check it the following day. If worse comes to worst, they would be calling the expert plumbers to do the job for them but of course, that would mean shelling out some extra precious hard earned money.

It does feel nice to belong to a group where we can share almost everything, where we can blurt out emotions, rant about our kids and our hubbies, and help each other in terms of our online jobs, blogging that is. I have also gained a lot of friends and although we communicate and exchange conversations online, we have already formed a bond that we know will last.

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