Monday, October 17, 2011

Prepping for My Parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary

The main purpose for our scheduled trip to my home country come February 2012 is to attend the golden wedding anniversary of my parents. This will only happen once so I have promised that I will surely attend this joyous celebration of everlasting love. My siblings and I have already decided as to who will take charge of the wedding preparations, like the food, venue, photo and video coverage, flowers, church coordination and so many more. Thankfully, my part of the family occasion is to take charge of the cake. I am already excited and so is my whole family. 50 years of blissful marriage is a long wait, and yet, my parents have all raised us up as well and good persons.

If I could only give them a second honeymoon, I would surely give them a grand vacation and reserve them a Cape Cod rental. That would really be so nice, but as of the moment, our savings are just enough for our trip. But I do want my parents to enjoy the remaining days of their lives. All their efforts, hard work and sacrifices have already paid off. Now, we are giving back to them, what is due of them.

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