Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Perfect Party

Organizing a house party is no easy task. This was my first hand experience when our family hosted an early dinner for my husband’s officemates in celebration of our wedding anniversary. Our primary concern was the kind of foods and drinks we will serve to our guests. After a thorough planning, I and my husband agreed to enlist the services of a local restaurant. Immediately, we inquire about the menu and we were pleasantly presented with an array of delectable choices that gave us a hard time picking the suitable menu for our party. The restaurant manager also suggested some drinks compatible to the type of foods to be served. Frankly speaking, we spent almost two hours in the restaurant before we came up with our menu. Nevertheless, we were assured that our choice would surely make our party worth remembering.

Come party time. All our guests arrived just in time when all the foods are ready to be served. The waiters were all well-trained as they started giving the foods. As everyone started to eat, we already heard some pleasant comments on the foods being served. The beef steak was perfect. The roasted turkey was excellent. The sashimi was very fresh that you can still smell its appetizing scent. But what surprised the most was the Bordeaux Wine. It was served chilled and poured in clear wine glasses. It did make an impression on our guests that several of them inquired what makes a Bordeaux wine different from other wines. The waiters gladly provided the details. Indeed, we realized that the restaurant manager was correct in his expectations about Bordeaux wines.

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