Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Cause

Last week, while doing shopping in the mall, I happened to pass by a small boutique displaying a lot of pins and ribbons. What attracted my attention was the presentation of the products. The pins and ribbons were well arranged and come in bright colors. There were many different shapes and sizes. In addition, there were plenty of designs that were either unique or amusing.

A few moments later, curiosity found me keenly examining the pins and ribbons one by one. It dawned to me that the products I’m looking at were not just mere accessories but a powerful tool to promote social equity. I got interested most in the displayed Autism awareness products. It got my special attention because it made me realized that autism is not a disease which I think others believed otherwise. Rather, it is just a form of behavior where it can be treated in a lot of natural ways. One possible solution maybe is to understand and treat autism as a normal situation. It seems to me that the problem with our present society is lack of awareness and indifference towards persons with autistic tendencies.

The pins and ribbons promoting awareness for autism made me realized that information about autism can be one of the cures as it will increase social awareness among people. Because of my awakening, right there and then I brought 5 pins and 2 ribbons. My friends got really bewildered seeing myself wearing those autism awareness products which made me explained to them my new found cause.

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