Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Helper

One of the best bonding time me and my daughter have happens in the kitchen. I let her help me with things she can do with or without my supervision and she loves the idea. I love it too as it promotes her skills in following directions and she also learns how to live life as a grown up.

The most recent fun we had in the kitchen is when we cooked pancakes. I take care of pouring the batter into the pan until it is cooked and transfer it to the plate. Then the princess takes care of lathering some butter into the pancake. She loves helping me in the kitchen. I try not to leave her alone though because I know it could be dangerous. So we stopped what we were doing when hubby asked for the Haynes Repair Manuals to be brought to the garage where he was. Then we continued with our stuff.

When we were done, she called her dad and she was so proud to tell him that she helped me in the preparation of the pancake.

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