Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cooking Shows

I admire these people who host cooking shows. I am not very comfortable cooking with people watching what I do. Same goes when there are other people in the kitchen. I feel being spied on and if they say anything about how I cook, I will surely get distracted. And so I bow to these people who cook in front of the camera, or even with an audience.
One time, I chanced upon a cooking show, I cannot remember which as I watch a lot. Their live audience was working people. During the whole show, they prepared dishes that are easy and quick to do to suit a corporate slave’s busy schedule. There were lawyers, nurses, and even accountants from an Accounting Firm In New York in the audience.

I am no corporate slave but I totally appreciated the dishes they did, specially that home-made chicken tortilla pie. A mom’s life is also busy having to manage several departments at home and quick recipes are always appreciated. I made my version of that tortilla pie for my husband and daughter and it was a blockbuster!

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