Monday, September 19, 2011

Weight Goal

Some people just won’t lose pounds no matter what exercise or dieting they do. It could be pretty exasperating, especially if you need to lose weight for something, like an upcoming wedding or another very important event where you have participation. I have a friend who has exactly this case.

This good friend of mine is getting married in a few months. Of course like any other bride, she wants to look good in her wedding gown. While her designer and couturier designed a really flattering gown for her, she still wants to lose fat quickly, safely and permanently. I have suggested diet pills with ephedra to her because I read that it is very effective. She has tried many pills before but to no avail. She just ended up wasting her hard-earned money. At first she did not want to try it anymore as she sort of lost trust on diet pills. But then again, she has a goal. She wants to be slimmer and more confident when she walks down the aisle. She said that fiancé loved her so much for whomever she is, whatever shape she has. And for this, she wanted to show how grateful she is to him thus she wants to cut some pounds as a surprise.

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