Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Travel to Other Parts of the World, On Hold

With our scheduled travel to the Philippines in February, other out of the country trips will have to wait. But honestly, I would like to travel as much as I can before my daughter starts schooling because once she is in school, our expenses will be partly going to her school fees, tuition, and other school needs. Before she enters school, I would like to see some parts of the world like the Latin Americas, particularly Chile. Last year’s mining tragedy brought Chile into the limelight and I wonder if the Chile tourism industry has boomed after that. I would like to try patagonia tours and see Chile and probably get a glimpse of that mining area. Or if not, try to travel puerto montt and find out what’s in store for us there.

Well for now, this will only be in my bucket list but I really do wish to travel before another pie gets into our family budget, and that is my daughter’s schooling. But then I guess I can wait. By that time that we get to see the other parts of the world, my daughter will be big enough to appreciate the scenes and views. By that time, I would have saved a lot from my earnings online. So, traveling will have to stand by for now.

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