Monday, September 19, 2011

Kitchen Must-Haves I Want to Own

I have been eyeing for something I really want to have in my kitchen. It’s an appliance and a gadget that would surely make my dishes more mouth watering and delectable. But just looking at the prices of those that I really want just makes me think that I will only have to dream of those two. I just couldn’t afford to buy them now, and if I do, I would go broke. I have really wanted to get hold of those two wonderful kitchen effects but unfortunately, I could not, just yet. We are still on a strict budget since we will be going for a trip to my home country come February, and if I buy them now, we would have no enough and extra cash for our trip.

If and only if I could not hold myself from buying them, then I guess I would have to look for a payday loan store and get myself easy payday loans. I sound so desperate right but I know it’s for my family and that if I have those two in my kitchen, I can be a better cook than I am right now. I know I can feed my family with very good meals and applying for payday loans will help me reach my goal of serving my family good food. I just hope, really hope I can have those two someday.

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