Friday, September 16, 2011

Honeymoon Trip

After few years of being together, my closest friend is getting married. I am very excited for them as they finally decided to tie the knot. I really wish I can attend the wedding ceremony. My friend is begging me to come home to be the matron of honor on their wedding. She understands why I can't make it though in our hearts we know that we would want to be there for the glorious occasion. Believe me, if I have the money I will come home and be with her in her most important day.

Anyway, I am still part of the wedding as we still talk about it and I help her through my suggestions and ideas on what to do and all other stuff. Last night, I was surprised that her fiance contacted me through yahoo messenger. He asked me of some ideas for a great honeymoon trip. Since he knew how close I am to his bride to be he wants to ask me if a trip to Hawaii will be a great honeymoon gift. I was like "what???".... I was amazed and excited! Of course, it is a great idea. I told him that I can give him sites that offer hawaii cruises and he can decide which one he wants. Oh.... I am sure my closest friend will be surprised and will be ecstatic when she finds out about the Hawaii trip. Should I spill it to her? Of course not! I don't want to spoil the best surprise!

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☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

ka sosy sa friend mo mamilu

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