Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Christmas Related Activities

It is less than a hundred days before Christmas and I know everyone has started with their own preparation for this much anticipated event. Having a child in the house makes every Christmas more special even when she does not fully understand what it really means yet. As early as now, she told me she wanted to help in preparing our menu, the gifts, the Christmas tree and anything that she can be of help. I am glad that she is not like the other kids who just care about the presents.

This Christmas will also be a one of a kind of us. We have planned several family holidays over Christmas. Some family and friends are arranging get-togethers in their own places and one of my friends is visiting her family in Europe. They have booked their stay at a Self-catering holiday homes in Rome.

Spending this special occasion with our family and relatives will surely become a blast! I told some of my relatives to check on travel guides if necessary so they can plan things accordingly. My little girl is really excited because she does not get to see her cousins that often.

In the meantime, I will continue researching on what we can cook together with the kids. It would be a lovely bonding activity for them as well as for us moms. This coming holiday breaks will be a lot of fun for us.

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