Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alternative to Cigarette Smoking

Cigarettes have always pose health risks and dangers to the users. But it presents more hazard and peril to the non-smokers. Second hand smoke is much more precarious. Lately, in the capital city of my home country, the local governments have been strictly implementing a No-Smoking Ban in the public places. I am so in favor of this, I myself do not like to inhale that stinky cigarette smoke, much more being huffed and puffed by someone, that will totally irk me, and who wouldn’t.

Amazingly, the Electronic Cigarette has been invented. I’ve read a lot of good reviews about this clever innovation. They say that using the electronic cigarette is one effective way of withdrawing from nicotine addiction. What’s good about this “gadget” is that users can infuse flavors to the component use to simulate actual cigarette smoking. The smoke is safe from nicotine thus eliminating the threat of second hand smoke. It is also rechargeable so users can bring it anywhere they go.

But still, traditional cigarette or the electronic cigarette, it is still smoking. I can never blame nor judge people for being addicted to it, I just hope that they will be responsible enough to be not huffing and puffing anywhere.

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ChampDog said...

My friend just bought one for himself. Accordingly to him, it helps. Btw, it helps to reduce the air pollution too. :)

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