Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Classy Business Card

When my husband and I, along with our daughter went into a shopping mall, we incidentally bumped with someone I knew way back in college. She was actually my classmate ten years ago. I was quite ecstatic seeing her for the longest time! We had our quick exchanged of our hi’s and hellos but had to leave very soon because she was in a hurry that time for a business meeting. Then she gave me a cute yet elegant business calling card. Looking at the card, I couldn’t help but appreciate by the way it was designed and made. It was really beautiful. Just to answer my queries in my mind. I immediately paid my friend a call that evening. Instantly, I asked her where she ordered the business card she gave me. She told me that she got it in a website – It is a Business Card Printing service which gives clients a lot of options in their own liking. One can either design their own card or select to various styles there is available and have it delivered right on time. I was really interested and decided to have one for myself. I thanked my friend for introducing this card and promised myself to recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

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