Sunday, August 14, 2011

Need to See the Dentist

It’s been a while since we last visited our Family Dentist and seriously, we need to see him to have our teeth checked. My daughter has been up to date to dental check ups with her pediatric dentist.

I want my teeth checked because I think I also need to have some fillings too. I would not want to suffer from any tooth ache. They say that when a tooth aches, the whole body aches and I guess that is true because you just can’t do a lot of things and move around when you have toothache.

Most often, we take for granted one of the most important parts of our mouth, our teeth. Just because it is solid and that it does not easily break, we would think that just by brushing it three times daily will keep it strong and healthy. It will, but aside from daily brushing, we should also be eating the right foods that will make our teeth strong. Living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding stress can help keep our bodies healthy and away from sickness and illnesses. I know this is so elementary, but I guess we all need to refresh our minds in taking care of our body.

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