Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photo Printing

With the invention of digital cameras taking pictures has become a lot easier. With digital cameras when you don't like the pictures you can easily delete them. You can also store the pictures easily in the camera's memory, memory sticks, computers, memory cards and more. Despite being able to store the pictures in different media, I still prefer to print pictures. Call me traditional but I always want a print out of the captured moments. My idea is, if all those media fails or if my computer crashes, I won't have to worry about because I have a hard copy of the picture already. Needless to say, for convenience sake, I have a kodak printer at home which I can easily print pictures. I also made sure that I always have a spare of Kodak printer ink just in case I need to print pictures in a spur of the moment.

Some of you may say that it is expensive to print the pictures yourself than to have it printed at the store. There is a difference yes but it is convenient to do it at home and besides I found a cheap Kodak ink at Ink Grabber. I buy all my kodak printer needs including Kodak ink cartridges at Ink Grabber and I always avail of their promo codes and discount codes. This enables me to save every time I order at their website.

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