Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Missing my Dad

I am proud to admit that I am spoiled at home. Yes, spoiled yet I am not bratty. Being the youngest girl in the family has its perks and I am lucky that I am able to enjoy them. I am a daddy's girl. I always think that I have a special bond with my dad. Dad spoils me with little things and in return I showered him with all her tiny and sweet little whims.

Though it has been 5 years since I migrated here in the USA, I still miss being with my family. When special occasion comes, I still longed to be with them. One thing is for sure, I will forever miss home and my family despite having a family of my own. I especially miss my dad during father's day because we always bond together during this special occasion. Thankfully, technology allows me to constantly communicate with him and the whole family.

This coming father's day, I am sending my dad a nice gift. I was looking at some Atomic Watches when I realized that it is the perfect gift for dad. Dad enjoys fishing so a reliable watch is something he can always use to make sure that he can come home on time. Dad always comes home late when he goes fishing because he always forgets the time. With a reliable watch, where he can set an alarm he will be able to come home and time and not worry my mom. When dad comes home late, my mom always worries.

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