Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lesson Learned

When I turned a year older a few weeks ago, I was literally pumped out of all the energy. We had a party at the house where I did all the preparations. From buying and cooking for the party food, to ordering the cake, to inviting the guests, everything! I was really exhausted after the partying and preparation. It was only then I realized that planning and preparing for a big event is not easy. With all the tasks and details that have to considered, it did took a toll on me. I’ve learned my lesson too, so for the next event, I am definitely going to hire an event management team to do all the leg work for me.

I’ve seen while browsing online and found out that they can handle event management effectively and will make any event memorable and unforgettable. I can even promote any event and integrate it into Facebook, now that’s a cool idea, so I can just invite my friends online and be at the event. Thanks to Eventish, I can have hassle-free and worry-free party soon!

1 comment:

teJan said...

apila ko hire if ever..hahhah!

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