Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best and Worst Foods for People with Diabetes

When you’re headed to the grocery store, it can be really tempting to diverge from your list, and it’s especially difficult for those who suffer from diabetes or have children with the disease. There are many people out there who are borderline diabetics that can manage to keep from getting it if they watch what they eat. It’s all about blood sugar levels and maintaining your levels through vigilant diet, exercise, and using blood sugar monitors. It's so important to monitor this to keep you or yourself healthy and free from diabetic concerns. Though you can consult a physician and other medical sources, it’s handy to have a good list on hand of what you should include in your diet and what you shouldn’t. You don’t want to risk picking up a food that’s terrible for those who are borderline diabetics and can help exacerbate the problem.


A diabetic, or potential diabetic, needs to stick to the better choices like whole options like:

• Whole grain wheat flours

• Whole grain brown rice

• Whole grain cereals and breads

• Baked potatoes and whole grain flours.

• Fresh vegetables

• Eat veggies that are raw or only lightly steamed

Bleached flour is really bad for you, and it’s hard for the body to metabolize. White flour may taste better but for diabetics it’s a big no.


Though you need carbs, it’s important to know which one’s are worse for you. For example:

• Any bleached white fours.

• Processed grains such as white rice

• Cereals and other foods with a lot of sugars

• White breads and French fries

• Caned veggies that are high in sodium

As a whole, diabetics want to stay away from complex carbohydrates and other foods and beverages that are sugar heavy. If you have a sweet tooth and you just can’t do without, consider sugar substitutes that will help wean you off of harmful sugars.

The overall goal when preparing meals is to consult the food pyramid and try to stick to the base of the pyramid and stay away from those it the top. In effect, working your way backwards. Just remember, if a food falls in the worst group, that doesn’t mean it’s off limits for the rest of your life. It’s just good practice to think of this food as an occasional treat with emphasis on the treat part. Don’t go hog wild whenever you do decide to eat it. It’ll throw your blood sugar all out of whack. It’s best to follow this general list as a way of managing your blood sugar because better judgment will help your condition and can even prevent it, if you act quickly enough.

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