Thursday, March 10, 2011

Web Hosting

If you frequent going online like me because you have to maintain numerous blogs, then you know how important it is to have your blogs up and running all the time. For this to happen you need a reliable web hosting service.

Having a web hosting service that has minimal down time is important for bloggers like me. Though my blogs are all personal blogs, I need to ensure they are online all the time because they are my journals. Somehow I have managed to build my readership and it is important that I maintain them not just with quality posts but accessibility to my site.

Because of that, I considered managed hosting for all my blogs. I am more confident that the security and stability of all my blogs are in good hands. I know of a mommy friend though who actually sets up her servers. She has a lot of blogs, and I mean a lot, and she also sells hosting as a sideline. If maybe I were techie too like her, I would also consider colocation for all the servers. That way, I will also be sure that the servers are physically secure and maintained.

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