Thursday, March 10, 2011

Competititve Interview Courses

Are you a Hugh Laurie fan? I am, and I love watching House. I am intrigued by how the story revolves around hospital procedures and at the same time teaching the doctors. It doesn’t just show them performing operations all the time, but that it is also a teaching school. But what I love most about the show is House’s humor.

I’m pretty sure the researches of the series worked hard on the background of all the roles. But in reality, I know how those trainers were selected are not done that way. There is actually a medical interview course available that helps doctors be prepared for their interviews, and if they’re applying to be consultants, consultant interview courses are also available.

For Cuddy’s role, I’m amazed and in awe at how she handles such an eccentric character like house. Her role or whoever she portrays seemed to have taken up some medical management courses to be able to handle all that ruckus. Also, she is effective in teaching House the lesson he deserves so maybe the writer of the show also took up some teach the teacher course since both the roles of Cuddy and House are both teachers in a way.

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