Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pre-Birthday Dining Out

It is the weekend again and I am so excited!! Aside from another 2 days of bonding with my hubby and my little girl, we also get to eat out again. I wish we can try something new again. This weekend will be special because it's a semi-celebration of hubby's birthday. I will still cook his favorites at home during his actual birthday but since we're going out, I'd still prefer we dine somewhere he wants. Which reminds me, the way we eat and with less exercise, I should invest into buying a weight loss pills. Knowing me when we eat out, I'm sure I'll be eating a lot this weekend plus during his birthday so having the best weight loss pills during these times will be a lot of help.

I wonder what we'll be having? He fancies seafoods and barbecue. I don't know if he'll be adventurous again and try something new, but regardless of what he chooses to eat, I'm all for it, after all it's his special day.

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